Toll Collection - Gesphone


Partnership with Gesphone for collection of amounts resulting from unpaid toll rates by owners of cars with foreign registration plates.

The transposition of a toll plaza, through a pathway reserved for an electronic toll collection by a vehicle without a valid tag constitutes an infraction punishable in accordance with the applicable law (Law no. 25/2006 of 30 June).

This law, establishes that, whenever the determination of the toll rate is variable according to the route traveled and its determination  is not possible, the maximum amount payable in the respective barrier toll is considered (paragraph 2 of art. 7 of the Act No. 25/2006 of 30 June).

Brisa, in partnership with Gesphone started some actions in order to proceed with the collection of amounts resulting from the unpayment of the toll rates when using the motorways, for the owners of cars with foreign registration plates.

Gesphone's mailing is sent based on information obtained from the appropriate authorities in their respective countries of origin.

The letters sent provided a web address that, together with the license plate and the pin code mentioned, allow you to:

• Make the payments
• Access to the detail of the amounts owed.

Any questions related to the Gesphone's collecting actions must be submitted directly to this agency through the address

Please note that, ticket machines with informative signs in Portuguese and English are available at all toll plazas of the Brisa concession motorways. The driver is informed that should take the title of transit, in order to pay the toll when leaving the motorway.