Travel recommendations during World Youth Day 2023

Learn how to tackle road traffic


Between 26 July and 6 August, because of World Youth Day (WYD 2023), motorway traffic is expected to increase in Portugal. In order to minimise impacts on traffic, here are a set of recommendations to enable you to travel safely on motorways.

Tips to make travelling more comfortable

Make sure you take enough food
Prioritise balanced meals and make sure you have enough food for the journey.

Bring enough water for everyone
Prepare for periods of increased heat and make sure everyone inside the vehicle remains hydrated throughout the journey.

Bring food for everyone
Sandwiches, biscuits, cereal bars, fruit and nuts are some options to keep hunger at bay during the journey.

Prepare for high temperatures
Apply sunscreen, wear suitable, lightweight clothing (e.g. a hat) and take measures to prevent sunstroke.

If you take medication, bring it with you
Remember to bring with you all the medicines you normally take and make sure you have enough of them, as there may be prolonged traffic congestion. Also bring medicines for nausea, headaches, etc.

During the journey

Ensure your own safety and those around you in traffic. Plan your vehicle's fuel supply and in case of congestion please:

  • Do not leave the vehicle (risk of getting run over)

  • Do not stop on the hard shoulder, to allow a free corridor for emergencies

  • Always maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front

  • Do not constantly change lanes

  • Do not accelerate and halt abruptly

  • Do not drive in neutral

  • Do not have your foot constantly on the clutch

  • Do not forget to signal (indicators, for example)

  • Do not lose your temper

  • Do not use your mobile phone

See traffic information

Pay attention to the traffic information provided on the motorway information signs and on the radio. Follow the directions of the safety authorities.

By following these recommendations, you are helping to promote the safety of everyone on the roads.

Have a safe journey.