The Brisa Group

Brisa Auto-Estradas de Portugal, S.A. is a mobility operator with strong operating experience both at a national and international level, and with a solid base in motorway management and in the operation of an ecosystem of mobility services under the brand name Via Verde.

Efficiency defines the corporate culture and is a driving force of the capacity to clearly meet the challenges faced by mobility and new business areas in a world undergoing constant change.

Brisa’s business model is underpinned by an integrated approach of the core business segments. Each segment has its own model, which requires different types and intensities of capital. Together they promote Brisa's sustainable growth.


Brisa’s portfolio is divided in different business segments.

  • Motorway Concessions

Management of motorway concessions and support services, including operation and maintenance, asset management and other services (eg. service areas). Includes Brisa Concessão Rodoviária, (BCR), Brisa Operação & Manutenção (Brisa O&M), Brisa Gestão de Infraestruturas (BGI) and Brisa Áreas de Serviço (BAS)

  • Technologies for Mobility

Development and marketing of technological solutions for the efficient management of the infrastructures and of mobility. Includes A-to-Be company

  • Mobility Services and Payments

Management and electronic toll collection of road infrastructures and other services. Integrated ecosystem of advanced mobility services and solutions offered.  Includes Via Verde Portugal (VVP) and Via Verde Serviços (VVS)

  • Vehicle Services

Provisions of services related to the car sector, including vehicle’s inspection or telematics. Includes Controlauto (CTA) and Via Verde Connected Cars (VVCC)

  • Others

Logistical support and administrative and financial management services


Brisa focuses on maximizing the value creation of its current assets, while developing new business opportunities, as a provider of technology and mobility services. To achieve its objectives, it has a constant concern with social and environmental responsibility.


Brisa Concessão Rodoviária (BCR)


Brisa Concessão Rodoviária (BCR) is a company of the Brisa Group that manages the main road concession in Portugal. The length of the network subject to concession is 1 124 km. BCR is 70% held by Brisa



The network concessionaire to BCR is distributed over 12 motorways and is almost entirely built. BCR currently operates 11 motorways, covering a total length of 1 100 km, of which 1 014 km are tolled.

The network will be fully completed following the construction of the motorway access to the New Lisbon Airport. The network covers the country from north to south and east to west, including its main road axes. It also includes important radial and circular roads of the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Oporto. According to the Concession Contract concluded with the Portuguese Government, the concession will end in December 2035.